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Travel with us

We propose to walk the path together, growing at the same time and taking care of human relationships before anything else.
Look at our main corridors, and communicate with us if you have any questions or a new destination to tell us.
We can advise you both in Logistics and Storage.

We are here to listen!

Pedrolga Srl

Pedrolga Srl

Pedrolga team

Tracking your freight

We understand the importance of controlling each load.
That's why we provide our clients with personalized follow-up through alerts and visualizations in real time.

We work constantly to increase the security of many loads and that our customers feel comfortable with their contracted service.


Our services

Land transport

National and international land transport. Modern and efficient units, trailers Sider, container and vans.


Storage, cross dock and distribution.

Pedrolga Cross Center

Ministro Ber Gelbard 75, Parque Industrial, Villa María, Córdoba

Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 17:00

Phone: 54 353 4521015